Spotlight Spice: Texas Chili Seasoning

This week we’re talking about chili.  Specifically, Texas Chili.

Traditional Texas Chili (what Texans refer to as a “bowl o’ red”) lacks a few ingredients us upper-Midwesterners expect to see – beans and tomatoes [audible gasp].  You read that right, a traditional Texan bowl o’ red typically includes beef, homemade chili paste, corn masa flour (for thickening), and a few simple flavorings (even onion is debatable!).

Whether your making a Texan bowl o’ red or a traditional upper-Midwestern chili, our Texas Chili Seasoning adds a nice, mild heat and a slightly smokey aroma to the mix, making it a bit different than our other chili seasonings. Our Texas Chili Seasoning meets Lone Star standards by also containing a bit of corn masa flour, which will help keep your chili thickened.

And this one isn’t just for chili.  Check out our Texas-inspired recipes for chili cheese dip and snack mix.

If you’re looking for something a bit different than our Medium or Hot Chili Powder blends, give this one a try!