Spotlight Spice: Umami Dust

What is Umami anyway?

It is the fifth flavor, generally associated with savory, meaty foods. Umami was discovered in Japan and is an essential part of their cuisine. It is rarely, if ever, the main flavor in a dish. Instead, it is added to dish by various ingredients to give a rounded flavor in the finished dish.

Here at AllSpice, we like to make things as easy as possible. That’s why we started carrying Umami Dust. This powder, made mostly of ground mushrooms, makes it easy to round out almost any dish. From lentils to beef roast, Umami Dust pairs with everything.

Traditionally, Umami is used in Asian-inspired dishes. Stir-fries and miso soups benefit greatly from a quick sprinkle of this spice.

Add to chilis and soups to bring the flavors together and balance the final dish. (Example of this here.)

A perfect addition to any vegan dish, it’s slightly meaty flavor can help satisfy those cravings.

Mix a touch of Umami Dust into dips for an added tang!

Umami Dust ($9.50 for a 1/2 Cup jar) is available in-store and on-line.