Spotlight Spice – Veg Out Gift Box

Like all of our gift boxes, the newly-revamped  Veg Out box is a set of carefully chosen blends perfect for spicing up your favorite vegetarian and vegan dishes:

Ammazza Suocera – An AllSpice original creation from Rory and Alessandra (of the eponymous Cooking With Alessandra) this blend is perfect for, well, food. Every sort of food: from simple red sauces to homemade lasagna, Ammazza has all the classic Italian flavors you love with just a dash of heat. Sprinkle over pizza, toss with roasted vegetables, or simply mix into olive oil and serve with crusty bread for a simple appetizer. AllSpicer Chris adds a little to his lunch almost every day. It’s our most popular spice blend for good reason.

Ancho-Honey Blend – Powdered sweet honey and smoky ancho chile come together in delicious fashion for this blend. Ideal for grilled or broiled dishes, the honey powder caramelizes as it cooks, and creates a beautiful crust. Ancho-Honey is particularly good on ‘sweet’ vegetables, such as squash or root vegetables like carrots. Sprinkle a little Ancho-Honey Blend over edamame fortiniest kick of heat.

Berbere Spice Blend – This African blend is a must have for stews in the winter. Its rich, warm flavors pair perfectly with chickpeas and lentils as well as hearty root vegetables. For a quick and easy dip, blend 1-2 tablespoons of this blend with a cup of sour cream. Berbere is great on fried cauliflower or tofu. Sauté with squash for a unique pasta dish.

Madras Curry Powder – Not too sweet, but not too hot, this curry powder can be added to almost any dish. We’ve loved the taste of Madras Curry Powder on every vegetable we’ve tried it on, and we’ve used it for soups, stir-fries, and baked dishes. For a more traditional curry, simply heat aromatics, vegetables, and coconut milk. If you can find it in yourself to step out on a limb, try adding a tablespoon to your next “grown-up” batch of Rice Krispie treats.

Tangy Herb and Dill – Although we originally conceived of this spice blend as “just” a popcorn seasoning, Tangy Herb and Dill is so versatile – a real “snack lovers'” spice. Blend a little Tangy Herb and Dill Seasoning Blend into a dish of sour cream, hummus, or softened cream cheese to make the quickest chip and cracker dip. Perfect for homemade chips, we love Tangy Herb and Dill Seasoning on both kale chips and potato chips. Combine Tangy Herb and Dill with flour or cornmeal as breading for any fried foods you might be making. It’s even good on breakfast foods! Sprinkle a little Tangy Herb and Dill over your next egg casserole or tofu scramble.

Za’atar – One of Anna’s favorites, the traditonal Za’atar seasoning blend originates in the Middle East. Like many of these blends, it’s a flavorful addition to all sorts of roasted vegetables. Its unique flavors pair wonderfully with ‘meaty’ vegetable dishes, such as mushrooms. (And it’s great on meat dishes, too.) Commonly used as a condiment in Middle Eastern cuisine, this spice is nice to offer guests, to season food to their own taste at the dinner table. General AllSpice Rule – if what you’re cooking involves chickpeas, you should use Za’atar.

The vegetarian-friendly AllSpice Veg Out! gift box ($22.00) contains a 1/4 Cup jar of six different seasoning blends: Za’atar, Tangy Herb and Dill Seasoning Blend, Madras Curry Powder, Berbere Spice Blend, Ancho Honey Blend, and spicy Ammazza Suocera Blend.  Pick up this gift box at the shop, or in the AllSpice Online Store.