AllSpice Staffers Spill State Fair Judging ‘Secrets’

Looking back, how do you think the AllSpice contests went?

AllSpice co-Manager, Chef Amy said, “Overall, I think the fair was a big success! We were thrilled that we had such a great turnout!

“We really appreciated everyone who took the effort to participate. Some of the entries were *really* good, and we had a lot of fun trying them all.”

So, how does event-judging work? How did you choose the winners? Did you get to confer and share your opinions before deciding?

AllSpice Staffer Denise helped judge several of the contests, and described the experience this way: “We were not allowed to confer during the judging and had a volunteer “writer” between each of us writing down our comments. They were lovely ladies who had helped run the event for years. They were very helpful to this ‘judging virgin.’

“We had to score each entrant on 3 or 4 criteria, depending on the class.   Even we didn’t really know who had won until the ‘secret’ results were tallied. ”

Were you surprised by any of the results?

Chef Amy said, “Usually we were mostly in agreement on the top choice, but for sure we were in accord about the top two picks in each contest.”

Denise agreed. “We ended up 3-for-3 in the events I judged, with each of us ending up giving the highest combined marks to the same entrant.  How clever are we!!”

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