Summer In The City: Celebrating July Food Holidays

DesMoinesSymphonyYankeeDoodlePops2013Summertime in the city –so much to eat, so much to do!

We’ve already enjoyed our picnic and patriotic music at last week’s Des Moines Symphony Yankee Doodle Pops concert. And then we chowed down on food truck delights (interspersed with air-conditioned snack breaks at Gateway establishments Proof, Americana, Ritual Cafe) Friday and Saturday at the 80/35 Music Festival.

How could things possibly go uphill from here, in a month that started off with such musical and culinary excellence?

Well, here’s how. July is a great collection of delicious food holidays that you’re going to want to celebrate with us. Read on:

July’s Month-long food holidays:

National Baked Bean Month
National Bison Month
National Culinary Arts Month
National Grilling Month
National Hot Dog Month (topped with black bean espresso chili and onions, yum)
National Ice Cream Month
National July Belongs to Blueberries Month

220px-Fireworks_on_Canada_DAYThis one may be our favorite: Sundae Sunday on the third Sunday of July. Never mind that there’s also a National Sunday Day on November 11; ice cream sundaes are well worth celebrating at least twice.

One-day food holidays:

July 1: Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day (practice for your Iowa State Fair ice cream contest entry, perhaps?)
July 1: National Gingersnap Day (we’ll be making our Triple Ginger Cookies to celebrate)
July 2: National Anisette Day
July 3: National Chocolate Wafer Day (try these vegan No-Bake Chocolate Coffee Cookies)
July 3: Eat Beans Day (all our bean recipes here)
July 4: National Barbecued Spareribs Day
July 5: National Apple Turnover Day
July 6: National Fried Chicken Day (chicken recipes here)
July 7: National Strawberry Sundae Day
July 8: National Chocolate with Almonds Day (Toblerone Dark Chocolate Honey-Almond Fondue, perhaps?)
July 9: National Sugar Cookie Day
July 10: Pick Blueberries Day
July 10: National Piña Colada Day
July 11: National Blueberry Muffin Day (we’re going to substitute Robert Frost’s Blueberry Lemon Pound Cake)
July 11: National Mojito Day (made with homemade Peppermint Syrup)
July 12: National Pecan Pie Day
July 13: National French Fries Day
July 13: Beans ‘n’ Franks Day
July 14: Bastille Day (Allons, enfants de la patrie! Le jour de gloire est arrivee!)
July 14: Macaroni Day (White Truffle Macaroni and Cheese)
July 14: National Grand Marnier Day
July 15: National Gummy Worm Day
soft_serveJuly 15: National Tapioca Pudding Day (you can also celebrate National Tapioca Day on June 28, if you’re totally into that sort of thing)
July 16: National Corn Fritters Day
July 17: National Peach Ice Cream Day
July 18: National Caviar Day
July 19: National Daiquiri Day
July 20: National Lollipop Day
July 20: National Ice Cream Soda Day
July 20: Fortune Cookie Day
July 21: National Ice Cream Day
July 21: National Junk Food Day (see soft serve cone, right)
July 22: National Penuche Fudge Day
July 23: National Hot Dog Day
July 23: National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
July 24: National Tequila Day
July 25: National Hot Fudge Sundae Day
July 26: National Coffee Milkshake Day
July 27: National Crème Brûlée Day (your choice: Chocolate-Ancho Creme Brulee, or White Pepper Creme Brulee)
July 27: National Scotch Day
July 28: National Milk Chocolate Day
July 29: Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day (go get something fancy from The Cheese Shop, like Reichert’s Dairy-Air Robiola di Mia Nonna)
July 29: National Lasagna Day
July 30: National Cheesecake Day
July 31: National Raspberry Cake Day
July 31: Cotton Candy Day
July 31: Jump for Jelly Beans Day