Summer Salad Recipe Contest Winner Announced!

summer beets

Thank you to all the folks who shared their favorite salad recipes with us over the past several weeks.

We were wowed by your ideas — you reminded us again just what creative and accomplished cooks you are!

The only downside to all these delicious ideas was trying to narrow it down to a single “favorite” salad recipe.

After much deliberation, Randy Sieberling won our May 2012 Favorite Summer Salad Contest with this recipe for Roasted Beet Salad with Avocado Oil Vinaigrette and Goat Cheese.

Randy expanded on our contest rule of “at least one ingredient should be an AllSpice product,” and sourced nearly all of the ingredients from Iowa growers and local businesses.

Randy recommends:

We had so much going through the entries for this month’s recipe contest, we’re going to do it again in June with the Grill Baby Grill! recipe contest.

Please share your favorite recipe for the grill with us before June 16. The winner will receive the Barnyard boxed set of six grill-friendly rubs and blends.

We’ll be looking for your recipe in our inbox ( info at allspiceonline dot com ), or at this handy recipe-submitting link.

Photo credit: “Beet It” by BD’s World on Flickr