Surviving Super Bowl XLVIII: Cheesepocalypse Now

AllSpice_Velveeta_adFirst Sriracha, now this. Kraft Foods has confirmed that the rumors are true: Due to “minor manufacturing challenges” concurrent with increased consumer demand, there is indeed a nationwide shortage of Velveeta.

In a post on Velveeta’s Tumblr account (yes, Velveeta actually has a Tumblr page), company spokesmen say, “we are incredibly humbled and appreciative of the outpouring of love and support for the Liquid Gold of Velveeta” (emphasis mine, ha ha).

But — no Velveeta for our Super Bowl cheese dip?

The truth dawns on us — we are in the midst of The Velveeta Cheesepocalypse. ::shudder::

The horror…. the horror… Though grateful for customers’ outpouring of love and support Kraft Foods may be, the sad truth is this: you’re going to have to arrange your Super Bowl snack table without help from Velveeta. That go-to, super-melty main ingredient in your Super Bowl cheese dip* is in super-short supply.

The spectre of a Velveeta-free Super Bowl. So — what’s a processed cheese food lover to do, if we can’t make Velveeta dip to go with our Super Bowl chips and veggies?

We’ve got a few ideas that may hit the spot:

Cheese dips, redux. Try one of these (Velveeta-free) cheese dip recipes:

allspice_velveeta_momDip it; dip it good. If you can’t bear the thought of Velveeta-free cheese dip, and want to hold out for the real (fake cheese) thing, we’ve also got plenty of (non-cheese) dip recipes to tide you over, in the AllSpice recipe database. From Crab Dip to Walnut-Red Pepper Spread, we have lots of dippy ideas. Check them all out at this link.

If you want some non-spreadable-non-dippable offerings on your Super Bowl snack table, follow the links to these fun and delicious categories of recipes:

And, if you can’t get enough of people talking about football and food, be sure to read our previous years’ posts about the Super Bowl.

Now, let’s get ready for some football (food)!

*(make my Velveeta cheese dip with a 1 lb tube of pre-fab chili and a can of Ro-Tel chilies, please — it is a tasty abomination.)