Teacher Appreciation Week

Did you know? Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day.

If not, don’t despair. We’re also in the middle of National Teacher Appreciation Week. It’s our opportunity to take time and think of those smart, kindly teachers. These folks spend their days patiently helping wiggly young people become tenacious, inquisitive, well-informed people.

Who have your favorite teachers been? There’s that nice preschool teacher who was always ready with a Mutant Ninja Turtle band-aid in case of monkey bar mishaps. The teacher who brought chemistry to life, making sense of the Krebs cycle* and teaching the kids all the words to the Elements Song.

And don’t forget the saintly middle school teachers, who take on the most “prickly” age group, year after year, day after tumultuous day.

Pop by this week, and pick up a nice little something for a teacher. They’re the folks who helped make you into a smart and interesting person.

May we suggest, rather than the usual “red apple” magnet, pencil holder, plaque or other tchotchke, a bottle of our Red Apple Balsamic? Or some of our fragrant and delicious Apple Pie Spice Blend?

Extra credit is almost guaranteed.

*[for extra credit: the Krebs cycle is a series of chemical reactions that do stuff with carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It’s what happens with Citric Acid, or sour salt, the compound involved in metabolic reactions. It’s also super-cool].