Thanksgiving: By the Seat of Your Pants

Whether you’re feeding four friends or forty members of your extended family, putting a meal on the table that consists of more than three elements [turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes] takes a little planning.

Maybe you’re off the hook this year — you’re not hosting the whole feast, but you’re supposed to bring a dish [or two] to share.  Either way, you’ll be happier as the big day approaches, if you plan ahead.

You’ll find helpful tips for making the most of the days (hours and minutes) leading up to Thanksgiving in this handy blog post.

Some good ideas for surviving Thanksgiving week with your sanity intact:

  • Make lists — a menu of what you’re making, and a list of which recipes to use. We have a big recipe index loaded with traditional Thanksgiving dishes and creative alternatives.
  • Make compromises. You can make some things from scratch, and some things can be storebought. The process of cooking from scratch can be a joy in itself, but not if it totally stresses you out. Your family and your friends would much rather eat storebought rolls than watch you cry over underperforming yeast dough.
  • Ingredients. Duh, it’s pretty obvious, but do you have all the ingredients called for in all the recipes you’ve chosen? Remember: if it’s an herb, spice, chile, oil, vinegar, or ingredient for baking, we have it on hand here at AllSpice.
  • Perfect timing. You don’t want to have to get up before dawn on Thanksgiving, just to get dinner on the table by midafternoon. Make a plan, and figure out which dishes you can make in advance, and enjoy *not* multitasking as you make them, one by one, over the next few days.
  • Gracious guests and gifts. If you are playing the part of the guest this year, it’s a good idea to bring a host/ess gift along. If you are playing the part of the host/ess this Thanksgiving, you may want to have a special something tucked away to surprise the guest who has traveled a distance to see you — or for the dear soul who has given up Thanksgiving with *their* side of the family, to spend the day with yours.

And if you get stuck on any part of your Thanksgiving prep, please don’t hesitate give us a call: 515-868-0808, or stop by.  We’ll be here to field your questions, and give our expert opinions, on anything food-related.