The AllSpice Dozen: Flavored Salts

Salt has been around since the dawn of time and has been used in cooking and food preserving for nearly as long. So you might be thinking, “What’s new to talk about?” Well, some of our favorite salts are not the salts of our ancestors. We’re talking about flavored salts. At AllSpice, we’ve got a dozen of them, and they’re perfect for subtly adding unique flavors to your favorite dishes. Here’s a run down of our collection:

Let’s start with customer favorite Black Truffle Salt. While truffles are held in particularly high esteem in French, Spanish, northern Italian and Greek cooking, you don’t need to save them for fancy occasions. This salt is amazing with simply prepared foods where the rich truffle flavor can be enjoyed. We like this one on mac-n-cheese, popcorn, fries and even grilled cheese sandwiches!

Next up is our Espresso Brava Salt, which makes a mighty good rub for beef and pork and is a perfect finishing salt for any dessert made of chocolate. We’re particularly fond of it on brownies.

Our French Provencial Salt is packed full of flavors reminiscent of the south of France. You’ll taste flavors of lavender, rosemary, lemon and fennel, which add a pop to salads and grilled veggies and impart a delicious, herby flavor for fish and chicken. The French Provencial Salt also works as a great finishing salt on pasta dishes or as a fancy popcorn topper for movie night.

Not for the faint-of-heart, our Ghost Pepper Salt features the Ghost Chile, which is the third hottest pepper in the world. It registers ONE MILLION Scoville units! If you’re feeling brave, try this salt’s nuclear heat on brownies and other chocolate desserts, in gazpacho or salsa, on snack mixes, and even as a topper for deviled eggs!

Less extreme, but still packing some heat, is our Habanero Pepper Salt. The Habanero Chile has a nice fruity flavor that accompanies its intense heat. Try a little bit in your fresh salsa, and in poultry, beef, salads and vegetables, stir fry or even on popcorn.

Peruvian Chile-Citrus Sea Salt is mildly spicy, with just a little tartness. It’s great for Ceviche, grilled fish or seafood, cooked vegetables and chilled salads of all kinds. Season a fresh salsa with Peruvian Chile-Citrus Sea Salt, or use it to rim a chilled glass for a Margarita or a Pisco Sour (Peru’s national cocktail).

Are you a mushroom lover? If so, our Porcini Mushroom Salt is a perfect finishing salt for you. This salt is our favorite for finishing a cream-based pasta dish and is also great with an extra virgin olive oil to dip bread in.

You’ve had garlic salt, but have you had Roasted Garlic Salt?  This gem is perfect for adding a garlicy kick to roasted veggies and Italian dishes. We also like to sprinkle a little of this one on chicken or beef right off the grill. Attempting your own Des Moines inspired Steak DeBurgo? Use the Roasted Galric Salt to punch up that wonderful garlic flavor.

Smoked Bacon Salt goes on top of anything that could use a little taste of bacon. What’s not to love? As one AllSpicer put it, “Guys, it tastes like BACON – put it on everything.”

Alder wood imparts a sweet smokey flavor in our Smoked Sea Salt. Enjoy this salt’s smoky aroma and flavor on grilled fish, chicken and beef and in creamy soups and on corn-on-the-cob. Smoked Sea Salt adds a wonderful, subtly different flavor to your Bloody Mary too!

People love salt. People love sriracha. So why not create a Sriracha Sea Salt? This one is a customer favorite for adding to anything that could use a zippy, garlicy and salty flavor addition. It’s perfect for you if you love a bit of heat in your ramen, pastas, snack mixes and popcorn.

You’ve likely got some onion salt in the cupboard, but our Toasted Onion Salt will have you ready to ditch it. This salt has all of the tastiness of regular onion salt, but with nutty, toasty notes.

There’s something for everyone, and each of these delicious salts comes in 1/4 cup (perfect for sampling) and 1/2 cup jars. Give them a try!