The Daily Grind: AllSpice Debuts Its Grinder Collection

Get your grind on!

AllSpice_Tall_n_short_GrindersHearing our customer’ many requests, AllSpice has started carrying beautiful grinders from high-end mill manufacturer William Bounds Ltd.

What’s the big deal? William Bounds’ pepper and salt grinders use a unique mechanism that, rather than grinding mill components together, evenly crushes peppercorns, thus allowing a guaranteed lifetime of use.

The mills’ stainless (for pepper) /ceramic (for salt) milling mechanism that has no interlocking parts, preventing the mill from jamming or wearing out.

Graceful form follows well-engineered function. Sturdy enough to use in the kitchen every day (and pretty enough to keep on your dining room table for every meal), all of our William Bounds mills also feature a three-step adjustment ring for your choice of fine, medium and coarse grinds.

AllSpice_Tall_Grinders These 9″ tall grinders (see right), are made of American Black Walnut, and have little windows at the bottom so that you can see when you’re running low. The tall pepper mill is $50, and the tall salt mill is the same price.

Decisions, decisions. Choose your favorite variety of peppercorn for use in any of our pepper mills.  For the salt mills, choose among our coarse salts, like exotic Pink Himalayan, Hawaiian Black Salt, or just good old coarse Sea Salt.

A slightly smaller mill, with a curvy modern shape, our Mushroom Pepper Mill ($36, pictured below) also has American Black Walnut touches, but with a clear body to show off the grinder’s contents (we recommend our festive Tri Color Peppercorns, which actually include four types of pepper, ha).

AllSpice_Mushroom_GrindersPair with the matching Mushroom Salt Mill (also $36), or mix it up with the hand-crafted oak and walnut Salt Cellar.

You’ll find all these beautiful grinders, along with other spice sets and imaginative gift ideas, on the Gifts Page in the AllSpice online store.

Or stop by and see us, anytime, and “test drive” the William Bounds mills for yourself!