Three cheers for the red (wine), white, and blue(berry) balsamic!

IndependenceDayThis year, Independence Day falls on a Saturday, and that means we have two whole days* — a full and glorious weekend ! — to celebrate the signing of the American Declaration of Independence, and to cook up a culinary storm for our families and friends.

We took our “red, white and blue balsamics” theme to AllSpice Manager Chef Amy, and she had fun coming up with some pairing ideas and serving suggestions:

Amy says:

Red. For red wine vinegar, our Pinot Noir Red Wine Vinegar is great.  I like cooking at home with the red wine vinegar – I grab it off the kitchen shelf all the time for whipping up quick sauces like gremolata or chimichurries.  Pinot Noir Wine Vinegar is also a go-to ingredient for making up all kinds of vinaigrettes and marinades.

Cat_Attacks_LunchWhite. In the summertime, lots of white balsamic vinegars join the lineup at our in-store tasting bar.  We’ve got some stronger, spicier white balsamics like the Jalapeno White (great for spicy pickled vegetables!), but the Apricot White Balsamic is such a fun bright flavor, I use it frequently. It’s the perfect flavor for our balsamic jelly recipe.  Mango White Balsamic is another great white balsamic favorite. Very summery!

And Blue. Oh, if you’ve never tried it, you have to check out our Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar.  One of our customers’ favorites, Blueberry Balsamic is a outstanding with blood orange or lemon olive oils. Drizzle a little over freshly-sliced peaches, melon, or homemade vanilla ice cream. It’s also a tasty contrast to tart sheep’s or goat’s milk cheeses like manchego or feta.

*Chef Amy also wants us to remind everyone that AllSpice will be closed all weekend, July 4 and 5, for the Independence Day holiday.  If we don’t see you this Thursday or Friday, we’ll see you bright and early Monday, July 6!

Have a safe and festive July 4!