Weck Glass Jars: Now at AllSpice


A new arrival on the shelves at AllSpice this week are gorgeous glass containers by Weck Jars. Founded over a century ago in Oflingen Germany, the J Weck Company developed and introduced the home-canning method for glass jars, popularizing the method popular in Germany and Europe and around the world.

We have 9 different sizes of Weck jars in stock, ranging from 3.5 oz to over 1 liter (1 quart) in size, and ranging in price from $3.50 to $6.30.

Known for their distinctive reusable glass lids, fastened in place with metal clips and sealed with rubber gaskets, we also offer additional Weck Jar accessories such as wooden lids, plastic lids, and extra/replacement glass lids, seals, and clips.


We use these Weck Jars jars a lot around the store, and at home, too. They are great for a quick (refrigerator) pickles, for water bath canning, and even for pressure canning.

Weck Jars also make great containers for homemade jams and jellies (see our jar of Tomato Jam, above), or for fresh mustards, relishes, and so on. AllSpicer Anna brings her lunch almost everyday in a Weck Jar, and Eva says she loves using them for storing dry goods in her kitchen.

AllSpice owner Rory Brown says, “We love to use the Weck Jars as food storage as well. They do make beautiful containers to fill with homemade gifts — you can use them to make dry cookie-mix blends or other jarred goods. They are really pretty, and come in very handy.”

A natural, eco-friendly choice, Weck Glass Jars have wide-mouthed shapes for easy filling,  and rust-free non-metal lids with reliable sealing gaskets. Use (and reuse!) them for canning and preserving—or as gifts, dry goods storage, decorative containers, or even as candy jars. Each dishwasher-safe, clear glass jar features a glass lid with rubber ring and two rustproof stainless-steel clamps for creating an airtight seal.