What’s In A Name? Fabulous BBQ and a Prize For You…

I've been through the desert with a box with no name.
I’ve been through the desert with a box with no name.

“Been through the desert, with a box with no name…”


Can you help us to name this box of BBQ ingredients?

We’ve put together a big batch of barbecue-friendly ingredients:

It’s an excellent assortment of ingredients that would come in handy for any grilling enthusiast, from the seasoned (get it? seasoned?) backyard chef to the fresh-faced cook.

So what’s the problem? We’re stumped! We have racked our brains, trying to think of a good box name, and we’re coming up short. We think we’re hilarious and clever, but, though it pains us to admit it, our name ideas haven’t hit the mark yet.

To save us from the Purgatory that is writers’ block, we are asking our wonderful readers to help us name this box. Can you channel your inner Don Draper (or Peggy Olsen) and come up with a snazzy, appealing name for this BBQ kit?

It needs to be catchy, witty, include BBQ in the name, and be appropriate enough you wouldn’t be embarrassed to give it to your grandma.

The winner will receive a free BBQ gift box and a $25 gift certificate.

Comment below with any questions you might have, and we will get them answered. We will give you until next Wednessday, 8/20/14, to submit you entries.

Got a great idea? You can submit your clever BBQ box name in the comments here, or e-mail them to us to info@allspiceonline.com.