Wild about mushrooms?

We hope so, because we’ve got something new you’ll love! Introducing the newest member of the AllSpice rubs and blends lineup, Wild Mushroom & Herb Seasoning. This new blend combines the rich flavors of porcini mushrooms with deliciousness of garlic. The earthiness of the mushrooms and richness of the garlic are well balanced by the brightness of lemon peel, rosemary, and other herbs. Add a little sea salt and you’ve got yourself a winner!

Our Wild Mushroom & Herb Seasoning works great combined with ground beef in meatballs, stroganoff and burgers. The blend also makes a tasty rub for steaks. Use it to add a pop of flavor to soups and rice dishes. Feeling extra adventurous? Add a little to your chicken salad or deviled eggs!

We asked AllSpicer Rory to help us understand the difference between this new blend and our Umami Dust Seasoning. He says, “The Umami Dust also leads with a rich mushroom and garlic taste, but is balanced with the flavors of miso, tomato and dried chiles, giving it a very different flavor profile than the Wild Mushroom and Herb Seasoning. The Umami Dust Seasoning does contain soy, and this blend does not, making it a good choice for those looking for a soy-free option.”

Pick up this new blend in our half and quarter cup sizes in the online store and let us know what you think.