World Food and Music Fest Follow-up and ‘Guess That Spice’ Quiz Winner

2017-world-food-music-festivalWe’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who stopped by the “Spice Adventure” tent that we hosted at the World Food and Music Festival this past weekend.

We had a great time with everyone who stopped in to see us, and we hope that you had fun taking our “Guess That Spice” quiz.

After the festival was over, we went through hundreds of filled-out forms, but only one person actually guessed all 15 of the “mystery ingredients” correctly. Congratulations to Sara Morgan for her keen sense of smell, taste and knowledge of spices.

Many of you asked about an answer key, so we are posting the answer key below:


AllspiceMacro-EL-19Numbers 1 and 11 (Maple Sugar Powder and Green Cardamom) were the ones that stumped people the most.

How many of these did *you* guess correctly?**

Want to up your spice detective skills? If you want to come in and sniff more spices, or taste more oils and vinegars, you are always welcome to stop in and see us.

We are open seven days a week, for your spice-sniffin’ pleasure.

** Crushed leaves and cheese dust. You probably got a higher score than the handwritten entry, below. While this entry did not win, it came from a very creative spice master and we felt it was worth sharing since it made us laugh harder than any other entry: