Anchovy Mayonnaise

Anchovies, by themselves, are an acquired taste. But chopped very finely (almost to a paste-like consistency), anchovies add a salty tartness to homemade mayo that makes a fantastic dipping sauce for chunky pommes frites or a great accompaniment to lamb dishes.


  • 1 Large Egg Yolk
  • 1 tsp. Dijon mustard
  • 2 Tbsp. Lemon Juice, Freshly Squeezed
  • ½ C. Grapeseed Oil
  • ¾ C. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Unflavored)
  • 6 Anchovy Fillets Packed in Oil, Drained, Very Finely Chopped
  • Kosher Salt to Taste
  • Black Pepper, Coarse Ground to Taste


  1. Using a food processor or stand mixer with the whisk attachment, mix together at high speed the egg yolk, Dijon mustard, and 1 teaspoon of the fresh lemon juice.
  2. As you continue whisking, drizzle in grapeseed oil, a little bit at a time, then the olive oil, bit by bit, until the mayonnaise has thickened and its texture is very smooth. Add the finely chopped anchovies and rest of the lemon juice to the thickened mayo.
  3. Transfer anchovy mayonnaise to a small serving bowl, and season to taste with a little kosher salt and black pepper. Cover and chill until just before serving.


  • Mayonnaise can be made up to a day in advance. Keep chilled until ready to serve.


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