Choose Your Own (Culinary) Adventure: Cooking With Thai Rub

Thai_RubThink of Thai food, and you will probably think of aromatic ginger, garlic, and exotic peppers and lemongrass. When you want to create meat dishes with that delicious taste and aroma at home, look to AllSpice’s Thai Rub for an easy start.

So, what can you do with Thai Rub?

A rub with many talents: Thai Rub is a versatile seasoning blend: it’s spicy but not too hot, a little tangy but not too salty, cooling and even slightly sweet. Thai Rub has a hint of chile pepper, but its heat is very mild.

Before cooking, you can rub this spice blend into all kinds of raw meat (poultry, pork or beef, fish and shellfish) before baking, broiling, or barbecuing.  You can also transform Thai Rub into a marinade, by whisking the spice blend with lemon juice and/or cooking oil (we especially recommend Roasted Sesame Oil) to use on any of the above-mentioned meats.

Thai Rub is often used to season pork: pork chops, pork tenderloin, pork shoulder (a great cut for slow-cooking), but try it out on grilled chicken, or to spice up tofu (the *other* other white “meat”) before stir-frying.

Choosing your own adventure: Thai Rub’s versatility extends to enhancing recipes after you cook them. Create a sauce or dip by combining Thai Rub with yogurt (for dip) or coconut milk (for sauce).

Sprinkle Thai Rub straight onto vegetables and rice noodle dishes, to season soups, and of course stir fry recipes.

Dry Thai Rub, mixed with finely chopped or pulverized nuts (esp peanuts) also makes a flavorful garnish to sprinkle on top of your Pad Thai or other noodle dishes.

Need a few more ideas to get you started? From spiced nuts and spreads (for sandwiches or crunchy veg), to pork, chicken, or fish main dishes, here’s our list of recipes that feature Thai Rub.