Daikon-Carrot Salad


1-1/2 lbs daikon, peeled
Kosher Salt
1 lb carrots
1 Tbsp grated peeled ginger
3 Tbsp Traditional White Balsamic Vinegar
2 tsp fresh lime juice
1/4 Cup Olive Oil
1 tsp Roasted Sesame Oil
1-3/4 tsp White Sesame Seed
1-3/4 tsp Black Sesame Seeds

Use a vegetable peeler to shave the daikon into ribbons. Toss the ribbons with 1/4 tsp of salt in a colander, and allow radishes to drain in the sink. Use the peeler to shave the carrots into ribbons and set aside.

Make the dressing by whisking together the fresh ginger, vinegar, lime juice and 1/2 tsp of salt in a large bowl. Slowly whisk in the olive oil and sesame oil until mixture is blended.

Toast white sesame seeds in a small skillet over medium heat, until the seeds are golden. Add 1 Tbsp of the dressing to the seeds.

Toss the shredded daikon and carrot ribbons with the dressing and season with salt. Top with the remaining sesame seeds.