Eggs Benedict

This easy poached-egg recipe pairs perfectly with Hollandaise sauce. Tell picky eaters that it’s just like the familiar Egg McMuffin, but with Special Sauce — because that’s exactly what it is.

INGREDIENTS (per serving; scales up easily)

1 egg per serving

1/2 English muffin

1 slice ham or Canadian bacon

3 Tbsp Hollandaise sauce

Salt and ground black pepper

Tarragon leaf
Lemon Pepper
Yellow Mustard, ground


Start to lightly toast the English muffins that are sliced in half, as you heat up water in your egg poaching pan to a simmer.

Poach the eggs. When cooked to your satisfaction, transfer poached egg to the toasted English muffin, add a slice of ham or Canadian bacon, and top with generous serving of prepared Hollandaise sauce.

Serve open-faced with a garnish of salt and pepper, or tarragon, lemon pepper, or a pinch of yellow mustard powder.