Eloté Dip


3 ears of corn
8 oz Cream Cheese, room temperature
4 oz Crema Mexicana Agria
1 Tbsp Lime Juice
2 tsp. Jalapeno Chile Powder
1/2 Cup Pickled Jalapeno Slices
1/4 Cup Loosely Packed Cilantro Leaves
5 oz crumbled Cotija Cheese


Grill sweet corn until slightly charred. Cut corn off the cob and set aside to cool.

Cream together cream cheese, Creama Mexicana Agria, lime juice, and jalapeño powder.

Using a food processor finally chop pickled jalapeños and cilantro. Fold into cream cheese mixture along with Cotija Cheese and 1 1/2 cup of the grilled sweet corn.

Serve with Tortilla Chips.

This recipe won first place in our 2017 Iowa State Fair Dip Contest.