Mixed Berry Summer Side

[Melissa Gentry contributed the winning entry to this summer’s “Summer Sides” recipe contest. Congratulations, Melissa, and thanks for this simple, yummy idea!]

Hey AllSpice,

Here’s my family’s favorite summer side. I first began making it two or three years ago. As my children were quite young (now 10, 6, and 6), one might think they wouldn’t enjoy this. Not so! They frequently ask for this delicious summer side, and there is NEVER any left over. There’s no EXACT recipe as it’s best for each family to decide the balance of acidity and sweetness for themselves and how large of a serving to make.

Fill a (large-sized at my house) bowl with the following ingredients:
Strawberries, hulled and quartered
(or any combination of berries that you prefer or have on hand)
generously drizzle with honey and ALLSPICE CINNAMON PEAR BALSAMIC VINEGAR to taste. You may use any other fruity balsamic as well.

This is seriously the easiest and yummiest side I’ve ever made!

Thanks for all the great food you’ve helped me prepare,

Melissa Gentry
Ollie, IA