Popcorn with Grated Asiago, Cracked Black Pepper, and Wild Mushroom-Sage Olive Oil


6 Cups freshly-popped, warm popcorn
1/3 Cup Wild Mushroom-Sage Olive Oil + 2 Tbsp
1/2 Cup freshly-grated Asiago cheese + 2 Tbsp
Fresh cracked pepper to taste
sea salt, to taste


In a heavy serving bowl that is large enough to hold the popcorn, drizzle 1/3 Cup of the mushroom sage olive oil – just enough to coat the sides and bottom of the bowl. (Alternatively, you can use an oil mister to lightly spray the oil directly onto the popcorn.)

Add the still-warm popcorn to the bowl and toss to coat evenly with the oil. Add 1/2 Cup grated Asiago cheese, and a few turns of freshly-cracked pepper, and add salt to taste. Toss to coat again.

Finish by drizzling the remaining mushroom-sage olive oil over the top of the popcorn, along with two additional tablespoons of Asiago, and more black pepper.

Other excellent popcorn topping variations include:

Garlic Olive Oil + Certified Butter Olive Oil for garlic-butter popcorn
Tuscan Herb Olive Oil + freshly grated Pecorino Romano Cheese = Paisano Popcorn
Cayenne Agrumato Olive Oil + Garlic Olive Oil for Chili-Garlic Popcorn
Eureka Lemon Olive Oil + Garlic Olive Oil = Lemon-Garlic Popcorn

We were sent this great recipe from our olive oil supplier, Veronica Foods.