Roasted Carrot Salad

This is a very easy recipe, and could also work with cauliflower florets, butternut squash, or sweet potatoes.


2 Cups carrots, cut into matchsticks
1/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Kosher Salt and freshly ground Black Peppercorns, to taste
1 Tbsp Za’atar
1/2 Cup Feta cheese, crumbled


Peel and slice carrots into long, narrow “matchsticks.” (If you have a mandoline or a food processor with all the fancy cutting blades, this is a good time to use it). Transfer carrot sticks into a bowl and toss with olive oil, salt and pepper to coat.

Transfer carrot mixture to a lined baking sheet (lined w foil or a Silpat liner to make an easier cleanup) and roast in a 425F oven until lightly browned, about 25 min.

Remove carrots from oven and allow carrots to cool, about 10 min. Transfer cooled carrots back to bowl and toss with za’tar and crumbled feta cheese. Serve immediately.

Makes two servings.