Toasted Cumin & Cilantro Potato Salad


1/4 Cup Pinot Noir Vinegar
1 garlic clove, minced
3/4 Cup Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
4 ears of corn, husked
3 large fresh poblano chiles or Anaheim chiles*
2 large red bell peppers
2 tsp Whole Cumin Seeds
3 pounds unpeeled baby Yukon Gold potatoes or baby Dutch yellow potatoes
6 green onions, chopped
1/3 Cup chopped fresh cilantro


Make a vinaigrette by combining Pinot Noir vinegar and garlic together in a small bowl. Gradually whisk in the olive oil. Season vinaigrette to taste with salt and pepper.

Heat barbecue grill to medium-high heat. Place corn, chiles, and bell peppers on the grill. Cover and grill vegetables, turning frequently, until corn kernels are tender and chiles and bell peppers are blackened on all sides, about 5 min for the corn and approx 12 min for chiles and bell peppers. Remove from the grill and transfer grilled vegetables to 2 baking pans. Cover chiles and bell peppers; allow to stand until cool.

Cut corn kernels off cobs; transfer to a medium bowl. Peel, seed, and coarsely chop the chiles and bell peppers; add to bowl with corn.

[DO AHEAD: Vinaigrette and vegetables can be made up to 1 day ahead. Keep the vegetables and vinaigrette separate; cover and chill. Bring the vinaigrette to room temperature and re-whisk before using.]

Pour cumin seeds into small dry skillet, and stir over medium heat until fragrant, about 2 min. Transfer to small bowl; set aside. Meanwhile, cook baby potatoes in large pot of boiling, salted water just until tender when pierced with knife, about 20 min. Rinse under cold water. Drain and cool slightly, until potatoes are barely cool enough to handle.

Cut potatoes into 1/3- to 1/2-inch-thick slices. Transfer potatoes to large bowl. Add grilled vegetables and vinaigrette; toss gently to coat. Add toasted cumin seeds, chopped green onions, and cilantro and toss. Season generously with salt and pepper. Cover; chill at least 2 hours.

DO AHEAD: Salad can be assembled up to 8 hours ahead. Keep refrigerated. Serve chilled or at room temperature.

This recipe was adapted from a 2008 issue of Bon Appetit.