2020’s Twenty for $20 or Less!

Whew, that’s a lot of “twenties!” Each year we pick out our twenty favorite gifts for $20 or less. These make wonderful gift options for neighbors, teachers, coworkers, Secret Santa exchanges, and anyone you need a small gift for! And (drumroll!) here’s the line-up for this year:


  1. Col. Pabst Worcestershire Sauce (from $11.25): This is, hands-down, our favorite Worcestershire sauce. And we think it’s because it’s made with beer! The Col. Pabst version is flavorful and much more pleasant than what you can pick up at the grocery store. This sauce should come with a warning because once you try it, you’ll be addicted!
  2. Bee’s Wraps: Bee’s Wraps are a sustainable and natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. Use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap and create a seal. When cool, the wrap will hold its shape.
  3. Popcorn Gift Bag ($18): Three of our favorite things to put on popcorn! Each bag includes a 5 oz. bottle of Butter Olive Oil, and a half cup jar each of Cheddar Head and Sweet Caramel popcorn seasonings. Bring on movie night!
  4. Prepara Gourmet Cruets ($20): This set of two carefully engineered, soft-lipped 100 ml cruets comes with a stylish chrome holder. Perfect for your favorite olive oil and balsamic. Easy to cart from the stove, to the table, and out by the grill on the deck or patio. The best part? They’re drip free!
  5. Taster’s Set ($18): Two olive oil and vinegar pairings (four 60 ml. bottles total), this set is a great gift for the vinaigrette lover to explore new flavors.
  6. Delicious & Sons Porcini Mushroom Spread ($7.95): Hosting a small, socially distanced gathering? This spread makes a wonderful dip for crudités. Crudités not your jam? Give it a try in pasta or with bread.
  7. Ammazza Soucera Blend (from $4.25): This collaboration between AllSpice’s Rory and Cooking with Alessandra’s Alessandra is a customer favorite. Put it on EVERYTHING to add a spicy and flavorful kick. Be purposeful about who you give it to…the name translates from Italian to English as “kill the mother-in-law!”
  8. Ready Set Go Gift Box ($16): This gift set contains six herbs and spices no kitchen should be without. Give it to the newlyweds, new home owners, or someone exploring the kitchen for the first time.
  9. Runamok Syrups Pairing Collections ($20): These pairing sets are the perfect way to sample a variety of delicious Runamok flavored maple syrups. Five different sets are available, each with its own variety of flavors. Take a look at Cocktail Pairings, Pantry Favorites, Ice Cream Pairings, Smoke + Barrels, and Cheese Pairings to find your favorite.
  10. Swissmar Napoli Salt Keeper ($20): This beautiful olive wood salt keeper is tiny and cute! At 2.7” x 2,” its stature works well in any kitchen – large or small.
  11. Bell Farm Honey (from $8.60): Locally sourced honey from Runnells, IA. Ellen Bell at Bell Farm is the bee’s knees, and her bees produce some darn good honey.
  12. Tuscan Herb Olive Oil (from $14.75): This flavor-infused olive oil is a delicious blend of Italian herbs, sundried tomatoes and garlic. Tuscan Herb is what we like to think the Italian countryside tastes like.
  13. Triple Ginger Cookie Kit ($12.50): Get everything you need (from AllSpice) to make a tasty soft batch of our popular Triple Ginger Cookies. We may not have had them this year for East Village Promenade, but that doesn’t mean you need to go without them this season!
  14. Millpress Olives (from $11): Millpress olives come stuffed with garlic or lemon, and are perfect as an appetizer or accompanying a charcuterie board. More of a cocktail person? Pick up a jar of Millpress Spicy Cocktail Sticks ($11).
  15. Double Chocolate Gift Bag ($14): Enjoy double the chocolate with our Double Chocolate Gift bag. Each gift comes with an Ethereal Confections gourmet chocolate bar and a half cup of our Cafe Blend Hot Chocolate. Two handmade marshmallows from Beaverdale Confections in Des Moines are the perfect addition to a nice cup of hot cocoa.
  16. Mama’s Homestyle Gift Box ($20): Cook just like your mama (or grandmama) with this set of six spice blends.  There’s something included for all of your favorite home cookin’ (chili, meatloaf, spaghetti, burgers, tacos, chicken).
  17. Delicious & Son’s Tomato & Italian Olive Sauce ($7.50): Available in-store only, Delicious and Sons pasta sauces bring a bit of Italy right to your (American) table.
  18. Marella Colorful Pasta ($12): Pretty in pink (and orange and green), this organic pasta is perfect for a special dinner in.
  19. Bloody Mary Gift Set ($20): Crafted specifically for the Bloody Mary lover in the bunch, our Bloody Mary Gift Set has everything needed to up your Bloody Mary game. You bring the booze and tomato juice, we’ve got the rest.
  20. Des Moines Bacon & Meat Company BBQ Sauce ($7): Made with locally-sourced honey from the Des Moines area, this tasty BBQ sauce is wonderfully balanced with a bit of sweetness and tomato flavor and a kick of heat and smokiness from chipotle chiles. Worcestershire gives the sauce a pleasant tanginess which makes this BBQ sauce something special.

While these are our favorites this season, we’ve got tons of more great gift options with a price tag of $20 or less. Browse in the store or online and find a few favorites of your own!