Set Sail For This Three-Hour (Culinary) Tour

(Sing it with me: A three hour tour.) AllSpice is going to be one of the stops on Andiamo Culinary Tours’ next East Village Walking-and-Tasting Tour, June 29.

Andiamo-tourTour organizers are planning to “explore the streets of the Historic East Village.  We have pre-selected specialty shops, ethnic eateries, and charming neighborhood restaurants. Learn about the history, culture, architecture, and entertainment offerings that make the East Village so unique from the rest of Des Moines. During this tour you will enjoy a variety of food specialties that have secured the East Village’s reputation as one of the culinary centers of Iowa. “

The length of the tour is approximately 3 hours and will include eight or more tastings. A sampling of treats by our neighbor, Hoq, from a previous culinary tour, is pictured at right.

Culinary tourists can register for Andiamo’s June 29 East Village outing at this link.