AllSpice Piment d’Espelette Featured In DSM Weekly

PimentDEspeletteSeveral eagle-eyed customers brought our attention to a recent issue of DSM Weekly that featured an AllSpice ingredient.

In her weekly column, author Wini Moranville featured the little-known French chile, Piment d’Espelette.

Moranville asks:

What makes it so special? In terms of spice level, these piments aren’t blazing hotties by any means. Rather, they bring a more gentle spiciness, as well as an intriguing fruity angle. (BonAppé identifies the flavor as somewhat peach-like, with sea-brine qualities and a “nuanced, subtle heat.”)

“Nuanced? Indeed–no wonder the French like it.”

To explain a little further: Piment d’Espelette is a medium-heat chile native to Southern France, in the Basque region. Introduced to France from the New World [Mexico and South America] five hundred years ago, Piment D’Espelette quickly became popular as a substitute for rare and costly imported black pepper. It is now a cornerstone of Basque cuisine.