Bête Noire: The Beauty of ‘the Beast’

bete_noire-fait-accompliThe French have a great name for the flourless chocolate torte: bête noire. If your seventh-grade French vocab left your brain (probably to make room for Billy Joel lyrics), bête noire means Black Beast, a formidable name if there ever was one.

The flourless chocolate torte has been my go-to dessert choice whenever we’ve gone out for a fancy meal, because it is so dense and so over-the-top perfect in its nothing-but-chocolate richness. But for that reason, I had assumed that it was a recipe that should only be attempted by serious dessert-makers.

Although it might seem like an intimidating recipe to make at home, it’s surprisingly not too hard at all! Follow the simple steps (with photos) in this Flourless Chocolate Torte recipe.