Get your stretchy pants ready and your menu set…Sunday is Big Game Day!

We love our football and our food and each year the Big Game brings them together in a big way. In fact, Superb Owl Sunday is second to only Thanksgiving Day for food consumption in the United States.  If you’re still working on finalizing the menu for your Super Sunday Soiree, we’re here to help – read on!

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings are the most popular fare for the Big Game Get-Togethers. Each year Americans consume around 1.25 billion chicken wings…that’s nearly 100 million pounds! Making your own wings in the oven is easy. This basic baked chicken wings recipe calls for chili powder – but you can replace it with your favorite spice blend (Red Rooster Rub, Nashville Hot Chicken Seasoning, Basque Seasoning and Smoked Peppercorn Sage Rub are all good choices).

Korean-style chicken wings bring together the tasty warmth of the Gochugaru Chile with the sweetness of sugar. If you’re a fan of the bold flavors of Korean cuisine, our Gochugaru Chicken Wings recipe is perfect for you.

Like it real hot? Try our recipe for Scorpion Chile Chicken Wings – great for your pals with guts of steel. We recommend grinding the Scorpion Chiles outdoors so you can actually enjoy the game inside.


Chips for the lot of us! Or maybe that should be, “a lot of chips for us.” Americans consume over 11 million pounds of potato chips and 8 million pounds of tortilla chips during the Big Game. That’s a whole lot of chips needing a whole lot of dip!

Nothing beats a classic 7 Layer Dip. Perfect for the tortilla chip, these seven layers of deliciousness will make you say, “olé!”

There’s got to be a cheesy dip in the spread. Our Texas-Inspired Chili Cheese Dip combines smokey chile flavor with smooth cheesy goodness and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

A 2015 Blue Ribbon Winner at the Iowa State Fair, our Honey Mango Dip is part sweet, part heat with a tasty fruit flavor.

Snack Mixes

Snack mixes are our favorite food for the game. They are perfect for hauling from the buffet table to the couch to snack on mid-game and you can show a bit of creativity. With dozens of snack mix recipes in the recipe library (including several Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Winners), it was hard to narrow down just a few to share.  Here are some favorites:

Spice things up with a Spicy Mexican Snack Mix. The taco-y flavors in this one are the absolute best!

For the tasty flavors of BBQ (minus the smokiness), give the Pig Powder Snack Mix a shot. This one packs in a ton of flavor and a bit of heat.

If you love the holiday mixed popcorn tub with cheese and caramel corn as much as we do, you’ll really love the Carmelly Cheesy Snack Mix (which is like a zhuzhed-up version of the holiday tub, complete with extra fixin’s.


These recipes are perfect for sharing and tastier than just picking up something pre-made at the grocery store (and they aren’t too complicated either – we just want to get to the eating!).  Have a favorite recipe for Big Game Day?  Share it in the comments.