Boss’s Day: 2020 Edition

Boss’s Day is right around the corner! What’s that? Oh, it’s not on the calendar? Don’t worry – you’ve got nothing but time to pick up a gift for your leader (it’s Friday, October 16).

Spices, blends, oils, and vinegars are all great gifts for 2020, since we’re all cooking (and eating) more at home. Here are our favorite picks for the Big Gal or Guy.

The Rise & Shine Gift Box is perfect for those mornings where coffee alone isn’t going to cut it. This box is perfect for the early bird, packed full of everything the boss needs to take breakfast from ho-hum to awesome! Scrambled eggs with a dash of Herbes de Provence? Yes please! Or season them on the plate with Smoked Bacon Salt or Everything Bagel Seasoning (which is also an easy way to fancy up a plain bagel with cream cheese). A package of ground pork and Rory Brown Breakfast Sausage Blend whips up a wonderful sugar-free breakfast sausage. Top that plain old buttered toast with a pinch (or ten) of Cinnamon or Caramel Sugar.

Charcuterie who? So your boss is faaaancy, huh? Pick up the fixins for an awesome charcuterie board. Delicious and Son’s spreads are perfect with cheese and crackers. A well-rounded board needs a veggie, and Spicy Cocktail Sticks fit the bill. For a bit of sweet, break out the Runamok Cheese Pairing Maple Syrups. It’s from the whole team? Stop by the Shops at Roosevelt and pick up a baguette from La Mie and a gift card from the The Cheese Shop and all they’ll need is the board!

Are you and your coworkers a bit challenging? Maybe the best gift for the Big Enchilada is our Bloody Mary Gift Set. Celery Salt, Sriracha Sea Salt, Smoked Ground Black Pepper, and Worcestershire Powder and a bottle of Hell Raising Hot Sauce are inside, along with our favorite Bloody Mary recipe. Grab a bottle of Vodka to go along with it and you’ll be all set!

Butt Over Brisket’s the box for the barbecue lover. Four of our favorite rubs – Espresso Rub, Basque Seasoning, Rotisserie Rub, and Des Moines’s local Mo’ Rub give the pit boss options suited for beef, chicken, and pork – or anything you can fit in the smoker. Sweet and Tangy Jones Bar-B-Q sauce rounds out this great gift. Use it to mop (or baste) meat in the smoker or use it plate-side as tangy condiment.

Not planning to see the boss in person? No problem. Order online and send the goods directly to the bigwig at home. There’s even a spot for a gift message!