Get that perfect beet, boys*

It’s late June, and the beets that were planted at the start of the growing season have begun to appear in our backyard gardens, at the grocery store, and down at the farmers’ market.

Detroit-dark-red-beetsWhat we talk about, when we talk about beets. Although the whole plant is edible, usually when we talk about beets, we’re talking about the beet taproot (the part that grows below ground), the Beta vulgaris for you nerds who like plant taxonomy.

Usually we eat these deep purple roots of beetroot boiled or roasted (and some folks like them raw). Beets can be a dish unto themselves, or they are a nice component to combine with some other kind of salad-ish vegetable.

If you buy ready-made, canned beets, you’ll be eating boiled and sterilized beets, or pickles. You probably already guessed we’d say this, but beets are a super-easy vegetable to make at home, and will taste a hundred times better than the store-bought kind. We’ve got a whole bunch of beet recipes in the AllSpice recipe database.