Let’s talk curries!

What is curry, anyway? The word curry is commonly used to describe Indian dishes seasoned with a combination of several fresh spices; however, the word “curry” itself really just means sauce or gravy.  Curry recipes are a bit like meatloaf in that recipes vary greatly by region, family, and even household preferences. Today curries are enjoyed throughout the world.

Premixed curry powders are thought to have hit the scene in the hoppin’ 18th century as Indian traders sold blends of spices commonly used in curries to British colonial traders. Today there are all sorts of curry powder blends available, each with its own distinct flavors and spiciness.

While the word “curry” is commonly used to refer to Indian dishes, it’s also used to describe dishes from several other places around the world. At the shop, you’ll find a broad selection of Indian, Thai, and Caribbean curry blends. If curries are your jam, read on to learn a bit more about each curry powder in the AllSpice lineup.