Knock-knock! Who’s There? Olive!

Years ago, Grandma taught our child a very simple, very funny knock-knock joke. It goes like this:

Child: Knock-knock!
Grandma: Who’s there?
Child: Olive.
Grandma: Olive who?
Child [shouting]: OLIVE YOOOOOOUUU!

This always got such a great response from Grandma [and the aunties, and Mom and Dad], that the joke was repeated often.

Just *why* the knock-knock joke was funny was a more elusive lesson. For months, the joke was repeated with the child’s improvised variations:

Child: Knock-knock!
Grandma: Who’s there?
Child: Truck.
Grandma [furrows brow]: Oh dear. Truck who?
Child [shouting]: TRUCK YOOOOUUU!!

Trying to explain why something is funny is really hard. You either “get” the humor, or you don’t. Nuances are hard to grasp if you’re a preschooler. If you say something that gets a laugh, you might as well use that same routine over and over. [This tactic has worked for Pauly Shore’s entire career, right?]

Even though we heard the “Olive You!” joke a thousand times, it is still the first thing we think of, when somebody says “olive.” And we are fortunate that this memory is a fond one that still makes us smile, because, selling all kinds of extra virgin olive oils, we hear this word dozens of times every day.

Speaking of all things olive, please mark your calendars and come join us next Friday, September 2, 5 – 8 pm. We’ll be teaming up with our East Village neighbor, Eden, and the Jasper Winery for a veritable olive extravaganza.

Jen from Eden is introducing her new “Olivina” line that evening — it’s an olive-based line of skin care products from Napa. We’re going to go up to her place [418 East Sixth Street] to do a tasting with a single-variety olive oil and La Mie bread. Jasper Winery will have wine there as well.

No knock-knock jokes required for admission. The event is free and open to the public.

And remember: when someone says “olive” to us, we smile inside and think, “Olive? Olive **you**!