A fond farewell from your ‘friendly neighborhood writer, ma’am’

A fond farewell.

A grateful goodbye.

A sentimental sayonara, maybe?

Can you tell? I have a “thing” for alliteration — and I have a big, goofy place in my heart for words in general.

My name is Elisabeth Lewin, and although you (probably) don’t know me, you’ve (probably) seen my name at the bottom of lots of recipes and blog posts on AllSpiceOnline, since shortly after AllSpice opened in back in 2010.

I wrote the product descriptions for the online store / catalog (can you imagine – being “assigned” over 350 tiny “term papers,” each about a different, delicious ingredient? That’s been the best school or professional assignment I’ve ever undertaken).

I also wrote lots of blog posts on the site, about everything from menu suggestions for Talk Like a Pirate Day to a new story every year for the SuperBowl (who can forget the terrible Velveeta shortage surrounding SuperBowl XLVIII?). I’ve found connections between James Joyce’s Ulysses and St. Patrick’s Day, and between a Blueberry Cake  and Robert Frost’s poetry.  And, when it was time to talk about making homemade corned beef, there was that (true!) story of the corned beef sandwich smuggled on a Gemini space mission…. along with a couple hundred other (strange-but-true) stories on this site.  (Can you tell, this has been a lot of fun?)

And, last but definitely not least,  I’ve written a SpicyBytes newsletter, every single week, since August 2011. Thanks to the mathematical powers of Google, that works out to be 430 newsletter issues all together, including this last week of mine.