Evo Trigger Sprayers at AllSpice – atomize oils w/o aerosols

EVO Trigger Sprayers at AllSpice

Have you seen the new EVO Trigger Sprayers we’ve started to stock at AllSpice? Rory and Andy, AllSpice’s owners, found these sprayers at the Home and Housewares show earlier this year (back when it was still cold). These are such a cool idea, we knew we had to bring them back to Des Moines to share.

What’s the big deal? EVO is a “squirty bottle,” a trigger sprayer that can atomize oils (or vinegars or other liquid ingredients) completely free of any aerosols. This advanced trigger sprayer design dispenses a small, exact 1/4 teaspoon portion per trigger pull, that allows portion control and consistency. The rotating spray nozzle allows the Evo to spray in both a straight lined vertical or horizontal pattern that covers a large area.