But of course! French Herb and Mustard Blend

Grey_PouponMustard is a staple of French cuisine (remember Dijon mustard and those Grey Poupon commercials, anyone? But of course!). And cooks often add a little mustard to other quintessential French herbs and spices like parsley, fennel, onion and garlic to create that incredible French flavor.

AllSpice’s French Herb and Mustard Blend combines those spices with salt, granulated onion and orange peel, minced garlic, dried cane syrup, fennel, mustard, and parsley, and helps you easily add that expert French touch to whatever you happen to be cooking.

French_Herb_Mustard_BlendThe citrus-fennel-mustard mix creates a fragrant, delicious crust on roasted chicken, beef or potatoes. French Herb and Mustard Blend enhances a wide range of recipes, from humble oven fries to fancy rack of lamb, and everything in between. Delicious on prime rib, or use in a glaze for broiled or grilled salmon.

Add a touch of French Herb and Mustard Blend ($5.75 for the 1/2 Cup jar) to season warm salads made with potatoes or lentils, stir into a creamy sauce, or mix with a little sour cream and dried shallots for a quick and delicious dip.