Spotlight Spice: Hojiblanca Intenso Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This week’s spotlight spice isn’t a spice at all. Surprise, it’s the latest harvest of our Hojiblanca Intenso extra virgin olive oil!

We taste a lot of really, really good olive oil, and this award-winning extra virgin olive oil is certainly a standout. It’s nicely balanced, with more pungency than bitterness, and has a green, herbaceous grassiness flavor. As you taste it, you’ll pick up on notes of artichoke, green apple and banana, mint and cinnamon.  The oil finishes with a persistent, back pepper taste.

Our Hojiblanca Intenso is great for cooking as it’s a bit more heat resistant than some of the other single varietal oils. It also pairs nicely with balsamics for a vinaigrette or marinade. Because it’s so well balanced, this oil is also perfect for combining with spices spices (like Ammazza Suocera or our new bread dipping blends) for bread dipping – just don’t spoil your dinner!

The olives used to produce this delicious oil grow on a tree with beautiful leaves which have a distinct silver-white color on the underside.  The name comes from the Spanish words hoja (leaf) and blanca (white).  This cultivar is grown mainly in the Spanish provinces of eastern Saville, southern Cordoba, and northern Málaga, and accounts for nearly 16% of the olive oil produced in Andalusia in Spain.

Stop by the shop to sample this great tasting olive oil. We know you’ll love it!