Easy Beef Stew

The holidays are in full swing at AllSpice, and this can mean some late nights for Rory, who owns the store.

What’s his secret for quick late-night dinners? “The Instant Pot, which I love to use when I am just getting home at 9pm and cooking dinner.”

Just this week, Rory used his pressure cooker to whip up an easy beef stew. Packed with vegetables, this stew is ready in under 40 minutes, made entirely in one pan, and perfect for chilly night. The full recipe can be found here, and can be made in any pressure cooker.

Rory says he always looking to add more vegetables to his diet, and stews are a great way to that. The beef stew recipe calls for carrots, celery, and potatoes, but he recommends adding green beans, parsnips, and turnips as well. You can even add mushrooms for added texture.

The point is, add what vegetables and flavors you like, and try not to get to hung up on following the recipe. Rory even says “I really feel like recipes are a guide to cooking, you should always try to add your little twist if you are so inclined.”

No Pressure Cooker? No Problem! A dutch oven or similar heavy-bottomed pot can work for this recipe as well. You may need to make some adjustments, though. Here’s Rory’s recommendation: “[Making this recipe without a pressure cooker, Y]ou would sauté the beef and onions just the same as above, but I would add more broth, possibly 3 Cups to cover your vegetables. Bring that to a simmer, and let it bubble for at least 45 minutes on the stove. Once you have simmered it, I would make a slurry of the 2 Tbsp Arrowroot Powder and 1/4 Cup water or broth, and then add that mixture to the pot. That will thicken the stew, even with the extra added stock you needed for simmering.”