Bike-Powered Ice Cream

Happy May Day! It’s a day for flower baskets, Maypole dancing, labor protests (celebrations?) and the start of Bike Month.

This Friday, we’ll kick off our celebration with our neighbors down at Kitchen Collage by making homemade ice cream with a bicycle-powered ice cream maker!

Stop by this Friday, May 3, 11 am – 1 pm,*  for a taste of cleverly-named Velo Vanilla, or ChainRing Chocolate ice cream, made with delicious AllSpice ingredients.

*[Update, May 7: We got snowed out on May 3 (who could have guessed that would be a snow day?). Join us May 10, 11am – 1pm for a rescheduled bike-powered ice cream extravaganza. Forecast is for sunshine and a high in the upper sixties. Ahhhhh.]

bike-powered-ice-creamWe’ll be out front on East Locust, taking turns making ice cream like this:

A list of Central Iowa cycling events is here on the Bike Month Iowa website.

You can find our recipe for homemade vanilla ice cream here; here’s our strawberry ice cream recipe.

Allspice-bike-crew-2012Here we are, on a staff  “training ride” last summer. We trekked allllll the way from the shop in the East Village, over to (AllSpice customer) Gusto Pizza. (L to R: AllSpice co-managers Amy and Rory, with AllSpice staffers Diane, Val and Eva).