Mambo Italiano Update: Now With Gusto!

While we were creating a boxed set of must-have ingredients for cooking Italian dishes, our minds kept drifting back to Rosemary Clooney’s 1955 hit song, Mambo Italiano.  (It’s a whimsical song about dancing the mambo, and eating Italian food, natch).  When it came time to give that Italian ingredient set a name, Rosemary inspired us again:  we’ve christened this fab box MAMBO ITALIANO!

We’ve been singing that catchy song again lately (“Hey, mambo! Mambo Italiano!”), because we’ve updated AllSpice Mambo Italiano boxed set of Italian Flavors updated recently with a few new additions (more on that in a minute).

But don’t worry: this boxed set has all the classic elements you need to turn any “everyday” dish into a Mediterranean masterpiece: