Spotlight Spice: N.Y. Steak & Burger Seasoning

This week’s spotlight spice will give you mid-19th century New York City steakhouse vibes – it’s our N.Y. Steak and Burger Seasoning. New York steakhouses from this era were so famous a cut of meat was named for them – the New York Strip.

This blend is a customer favorite in the shop. In it, old reliable pepper and salt are given a tasty zippiness with the addition of tomato, tamarind, sumac, chiles, and garlic among other herbs and spices. This blend, referred to as Bougie (fancy) Pepper by AllSpicer Andy, is the perfect, simple way to level up your steak and burger game.

For steaks, we recommend using the blend on its own as a rub or as a marinade by mixing it with a little Traditional Balsamic Vinegar and any Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Marinate your steaks for 6-12 hours before grilling or pan-frying.

If burgers are more your jam, combine 1 tablespoon N.Y. Steak and Burger Seasoning with 1 tablespoon Col. Pabst Worcestershire Sauce per pound of ground beef. Mix thoroughly, form your patties, and grill to perfection.

It’s salt ‘n pepper roots make it the perfect peppery topper for your baked potato, a good seasoning for roasted potatoes and root vegetables, and perfect for adding a zip to your Bloody Mary. Use it in place of pepper in any recipe for an extra zip!

Grab a jar, give it a try, and let us know what you think.