Hot or Not? A Quick Guide To Chiles

Chiles, or chili peppers, come from the large Capsicum plant family. Heat range is diverse, ranging from “very mild to extremely wild.”

What follows is a partial list of different chiles, ranked by its Scoville Heat Unit rating.

855,000-1,050,000     Naga Jolokia “Ghost Chile

100,000-350,000     Habanero chile, African Birdseye Pepper

50,000-100,000     Thai Chile, Malagueta Pepper (Grains of Paradise), Chile Tepin, Pequin Chile

30,000-50,000     Cayenne Pepper, Ají Amarillo Chile, Tabasco pepper, Chile de Arbol

10,000-23,000     Serrano Pepper, some Chipotle peppers, Puya Chile

2,500-8,000     Jalapeño Pepper, Guajillo Chile, New Mexico Chile, Paprika (hungarian wax pepper)

500-2,500     Anaheim pepper, Ancho Chile, Cascabel Chile, Maras Chile, Mulato Chile, Pasila Chile

100-500     Pimento, Aji Panca Chile

0      Bell Pepper

Photo credit: Hot Peppers Bunches by Donnaphoto