Come for the turkey; stay for the potatoes (and The Potato Song)

For lots of folks, the Thanksgiving feast is all about the main dish, the turkey. Now, don’t get us wrong — we love turkey, too!

But, when we let our minds wander to the dishes and platters on the Thanksgiving buffet, we think about which foods we’ll make extra room on our plates for.  And the food we always make extra room for on our plate is, every year, without fail, the mashed potatoes.

Truffled, cheesy, herbed, pesto, or just sprinkled with salt and your favorite pepper, mashed potatoes are hearty and filling.

And even though they are delicious by themselves, mashed potatoes make a great base upon which to build an infinite variety of tastes, to pair (or contrast) with a wide range of other flavorful main courses and side dishes.

The potato song. Finally, every year around this time, we remember the special song you must sing while you make your Thanksgiving mashed potatoes. We first heard it over twenty years ago on public radio.

We still haven’t learned all the words of the verses (although they are catchy and clever!), but the chorus is easy to learn: you just say the word POTATO over and over again (but don’t forget to switch the accents on the syllables as you go).

Sing along with us, won’t you?