Soup Season – Spicy Thymes

From Anna: There’s a bit of snow on the ground and the temperature has dipped into the twenties here in Des Moines, which can only mean one thing… it’s soup season!

I think soup is one of the greatest foods around. You can put darn near anything in it and it’s tough to make a soup that doesn’t taste good.  In fact, soup is so amazing other meals try to imitate it (I’m looking at you, cheeseburger and taco soups).

From all-day stews to simple broth bowls, over at AllSpice we’ve been giving soup the love it truly deserves. Last week Rory made an Easy Beef Stew, and this week I’ve been enjoying a simple vegetable soup. I enjoy making a large batch on Sunday and dining on the leftovers for most of the week.

To keep things interesting throughout the week, I simply warm up only what I’m going to eat at that meal, and add something a little different to jazz it up each time.  Here’s how Soup Week typically goes: